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Watch: Arrow Star Wars

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Tue, 01/20/2015 - 18:10

Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen, hosts "Lightsaber Saturday" on his Facebook page where fans create images and memes crossing the Arrow Universe with Star Wars.

A fan has taken it one step futher by creating Arrow Star Wars videos. 

Dave Jones is back with the above and added on his YouTube channel:

This is the final installment of my Arrow Jedi trilogy. For this one, I added lightsabers to two battle sequences from the Arrow Season 3 mid-season finale. The first features Ra's al Ghul against eight lightsaber-wielding members of the League of Assassins. The second is the epic battle between Oliver Queen and Ra's al Ghul on the mountaintop. As always, there are plenty of Star Wars easter eggs.

Arrow "Lightsaber Saturday" image: