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Warner Bros. Green Lights Clash Of The Titans 3

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 11/03/2011 - 00:13

pic With the sequel to the remake of Clash of the Titans due to hit theaters March 30th, 2012, Wrath of the Titans, Warner Bros. has green lit a third installment.

THR reports that the third movie is currently in development with the writers behind Wrath due to scribe it. Dan Mazeau, David Leslie Johnson, Steven Knight and Greg Berlanti will return to pen the further adventures of Perseus, played by Sam Worthington. Toby Kebbell's character, Agenor, is said to be returning for the third film, as well. In addition, the producers behind Wrath are said to be returning, too.

Regardless if you liked the first Titans or not, the numbers don't lie and are certainly the reason Warner Bros. is going ahead with more Clash of the Titans movies, as Clash "grossed $163 million domestically and a whopping $330 million overseas," according to THR.

And as CBN movie reviewer, Lawrence Napoli puts it, "Everyone loves Greek mythology."

Bear in mind as the movie is in "development" that it doesn't necessarily mean a done deal.

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