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Warner Bros. Developing A-List Superhero Movies Says Producer Dan Lin; Justice League Movie, Suicide Squad, more

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 01/10/2013 - 23:54


Warner Bros. producer Dan Lin recently gave a small update on what hopefully looks to be a slate of upcoming superhero movies from Warner Bros.

Lin doesn't offer much, but does state (via the Collider) that his job is to bring hero movies to light at WB and that an A-List group of DC Comics adaptations are in development.

There are, we’re always looking for great stories and my mission at my company is to make hero stories, and naturally that dovetails into comic book stories.  So Warner Bros. is developing a lot of A-list comic books, and I’ve been trying to dig up what are the hidden comics that people aren’t as aware of but still have some gems of stories that we can tell? 

At the same time, Lin says they want to bring lesser known DC Comics properties to the big screen with mention of the Suicide Squad movie. As we've previously heard, it's on hold as DC prepares their A-Listers.

It [Suicide Squad] has a script from Justin Marks, but that is on a hold right now.  I think Warner Brothers wants to finish their A-list stories first and then we’ll talk about stories like Suicide Squad. 

Speaking of the A-Listers, the highly anticipated Justice League movie is set for 2015, but Lin doesn't offer any information regarding that other than he is not involved in any current plans.

I’m not involved in that day-to-day right now. 

The good news is that recently Zack Snyder all but said that Henry Cavill will reprise as Superman in the Justice League movie, and that Guillmero Del Toro said he is working on a "Justice League Dark" film, which features some of those lesser named DC Comics characters.

Fans are also eagerly anticipating the DC Comics superhero movies with The Flash, another Green Lantern film, Wonder Woman and a Batman 2016 reboot movie.

Lin is also working on the LEGO movie, which could feature various brands mingling in the movie. It's quite possible the likes of Superman and Batman could be seen side by side the likes of LEGO Harry Potter.

Yeah, I don’t want to comment too much because I really want the audience to be surprised when they see the movie, but just know that the beauty of the Lego movie is that you can go to different worlds can collide in different ways that you can’t do in other movies.