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The Walking Dead Video Game Now Available (PS3, XBox 360, PC)

Matt McGloin
Posted: 04/29/2012 - 16:38

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1585:]]One thing about this game that had me worried was whether it was going to be another Dead Rising ‚ÄĒ which I find utterly boring!

Or if it was going to be another dull arse shooter game.

Well, I downloaded the demo and played for a bit ‚ÄĒ and it seems to be really cool!

Actually the game seems more like an RPG than a shooter.

I'm not a gamer, but the controls are new to me. You walk with one of the sticks and use the other stick for your actions. And what's cool about the game is you choose how your story proceeds and how you interact with other people. And I think the game "remembers" what you do because a message will pop up noting just that. So what you say and do might come into play later: like when you talk to a cop and tell him who you are.

The Walking Dead Video Game also seems just as scary and creepy as the TV show and comic book as well. The mood and setting fits, and I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next! The fight scene with a zombie was pretty gruesome ‚ÄĒ I bashed its brains in with a hammer! But, again, it wasn't your typical smash and bash game by wildly pressing controls in hopes your character makes contact. You have to choose the right moment and button in order to use your weapon.

Seems you need your brains more than your brawn to survive Robert Kirkman's¬†The Walking Dead Video Game ‚ÄĒ so don't let any Walkers get near you for a bite!

I think the game is only around $20, so I'll definitely be getting the full version.

Check out the video for more:



Press Release


Telltale Games' The Walking Dead Releases to Critical Acclaim

Based on Robert Kirkman's best-selling comic book series and graphic novels

Episode One - A New Day¬†has dawned on PlayStation√ā¬ģNetwork, PC and Mac.¬†Coming Friday, April 27th to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360√ā¬ģ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., April 26, 2012 ¬†- Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman, the Eisner Award-winning creator and writer of¬†The Walking Dead¬†¬†for Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics, announced today that the first episode of the game series based on the critically acclaimed comic book series,¬†¬†The Walking Dead,¬†is now available for download.¬† Players can purchase the PC and Mac versions from the Telltale Games Online Store, as well as Steam and other digital distribution services.¬† The first episode is also available for download now on PlayStation√ā¬ģNetwork for the PlayStation√ā¬ģ3 computer entertainment system, and will be available Friday, April 27th on Xbox LIVE√ā¬ģ Arcade for the Xbox 360√ā¬ģ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Early critical response to Telltale's first episode of the series has been intensely positive from gaming critics across the web.  In their review, awarded the episode an  Editors' Choice award, saying, "'A New Day' is one of Telltale's finest games," also stating, "--This is a deeply personal and emotional experience, and that's why it feels so right as a part of this franchise."  The review praised, "--The Walking Dead Episode one has just about everything fans could want."

Other critics lauded the game, with¬†¬†Official Xbox Magazine¬†awarding the game an¬†¬†Editors' Choice¬†with a score of 9 out of 10, saying the episode was,¬†¬†"Slam-bang entertainment,"¬†¬†adding that,¬†¬†"Everything just feels right"¬†with its¬†¬†"Striking art style and cinematic presentation."¬†¬†¬†Website¬†Shacknews¬†said, "The Walking Dead is more than just a great adaptation of a beloved property‚ÄĒit is easily one of Telltale's best games."

Gaming site  Polygon gave the game an impressive 9 out of 10, stating, "With choices that matter and intensity to spare, Telltale Games delivers one of its best efforts to date."  Their accolades continued with,  "--the first episode of The Walking Dead held me in as I was thrown from one story-twisting, heart-stopping conflict to another, disaster threatening if I looked away from the screen even for a moment."   The reviewer also said that the episode was,  "--one of the most intense gaming experiences in my recent memory," and that, "So many games have teased a truly "interactive" narrative, but I can think of none that have delivered this well."

The Walking Dead: Episode One ‚Äď A New Day¬†is set in the world of Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series.¬† Lee Everett, a man convicted of a crime of passion, has been given the chance for redemption in a world devastated by the undead.¬† Players will experience life changing events, meet new characters and familiar ones from the original comic, and also visit locations that foreshadow the story of Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes.¬†¬†¬†The Walking Dead¬†offers a tailored game experience ‚Äď player actions, choices and decisions affect how the story plays out across the entire series.

Episode One ‚Äď A New Day¬†is the first of five monthly episodes of¬†¬†The Walking Dead¬†games series and will be available for 400 Microsoft√ā¬ģPoints on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360√ā¬ģ on April 27th; it is available now for $4.99 per episode on PlayStation√ā¬ģNetwork, and is available as the first part of a five episode season pass for $24.99 on PC and Mac from the Telltale Online Store and other digital outlets.

The Walking Dead: Episode One ‚Äď A New Day¬†is rated 'M' (Mature) for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence and Strong Language by the ESRB.

For more information on the game, visit the  
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