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The Walking Dead "Hounded" Recap Episode 6 Season 3 (306)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 11/19/2012 - 01:24

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4135:]]Another episode of The Walking Dead has come and gone, and it was another very enjoyable show.

How about we first touch upon the subject of Lori?

Dead? Or Alive?

We put it forth that yes Lori is indeed alive in The Walking Dead earlier in the week! And it hit the net like a tidal wave!

Does this episode support our theories or crush them?!

What I found particularly interesting was Daryl and Carl's conversation about their mothers, with Carl mentioning how he had shot her, and then he says it was real -- as if he was trying to convince Daryl. Or himself?

What then about Carol?

Simple. She was on her way back to the group looking for help for Lori when a Walker attacked her, to which she defended herself and locked herself in that room.

Lori's alive, folks!

And it makes sense as well if you are fan of The Walking Dead comic book. You are reading it, right?!

Now on to tonight's show.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4136:]]"Hounded" starts off just as the title suggests, with Merle and his crew searching for Michonne - no wait - it's Michonne who is hunting Merle! We see Michonne has left a calling card of sorts as she leaves them a message  -- using zombie body parts. Literally the corpse parts read " GO Back" (pictured left). They end up battling, with Michonne taking out two of the four, she escapes, and Merle takes out one of his own to cover his tracks.

The Governor and Andrea are getting along just fine, aren't they? And as was pointed out in tonight's episode of Talking Dead, Andrea seems to like the bad boys, boys that are the enemy of Rick as well! We find out that Andrea and the Governor have a something more in common than what's in their shorts as Andrea gets a kick out of killing just the same as The Governor; however, Andrea has yet to cross over to the dark side. Emphasis on "yet?"

Switching gears, we see what becomes of Rick and the telephone. Credit to AMC for sticking to the comic book storyline, albeit just different enough to throw off us comic book readers, but keep true to the source material just the same. Nicely done. It also seems like that aspect is all said and done, which I'm glad they are moving on with. 

Meanwhile, Maggie and Glenn went into a town for supplies when Michonne came upon them them. Michonne kept at a distance to see if they were any threat, when Merle let his presence be known! He just wants to know about his brother, but he's really just trying to get close to them. Maggie and Glenn have their guns drawn, but they are no match for the clever Merle who manages to shoot out the window as a distraction and grab Maggie, forcing Glenn to put down his own gun and take them all back to the Governor's "mansion!"

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4137:]]As all this was happening, Daryl was leading a crew to clean out the prison when they come upon a zombie with Carol's knife stuck in it (right). Since the zombie was alive, Daryl assumes Carol is not, and takes it hard. Eventually, he comes to a door that earlier they passed on that looked to have a couple Walkers inside that were more dead than undead, as the door was just opening and closing very slowly, with a body blockading it to boot. Daryl decides to take them out -- when he discovers it's Carol! Her knight in shining arm has found her, in his arms she is taken, and she's saved!

Back to Rick, he seems to be over Lori's death and fully accepts his (or Shanes'!) newborn baby by enveloping "ass kicker" into his arms. Just then, he notices something at the gate! Closer he gets, pulls out his six-shooter -- and it's Michonne walking amongst the zombies! She has the supplies that were left by the kidnapping of Maggie and Glenn. The zombies aren't bothering her because she finally figured out what Rick knew about The Walkers -- that they have a sense of smell. The battle with Merle saw her slice a zombie stomach wide open with its entrails spilling out on to Michonne, in essence fully creating her "ninja" persona!

Good episode and loved when Merle described Michonne's message as a Biter-gram!

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm ET on AMC.

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