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Ultimate Reed Richards Rumored To Be New Hulk

Matt McGloin
Posted: 06/05/2015 - 11:47


Yesterday saw Marvel reveal plans for their Fall reboot with EIC Axel Alonso teasing a new Hulk.

Now the identity of the new Hulk may have become known as Bleeding Cool is reporting the Ultimate Universe Reed Richards will be Marvel's new Hulk.

Regarding the new Hulk, Alonso yesterday stated to various news outlets:

"The all-new Hulk ... this character is certain to cause debate. The same people who went crazy with female Thor will have a field day with this one. Will there be enough room for him and Peter Parker? Read and find out. Wolverine will return to the Marvel Universe (again, this will be something big). Who is Wolverine? You’ll have to read and find out."

"I’ll go ahead and tell you the Marvel Universe is about to see the arrival of an All-New Hulk—not a Hulk that you’ve seen before. And this development is deeply rooted in story. I am personally excited about it and its ramifications and it’s a fascinating story that I think Bruce Banner fans will definitely want to read. You’ll also see the arrival of a new Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe and you’ll also see—spoiler alert—a Wolverine emerge on the scene. I’m not going to say who, but a Wolverine that is certain to provoke reactions."

"We've put the onus on the creators to come up with big changes in the lives of our characters, whether it's Spider-Man or Ms. Marvel or Daredevil or the Hulk. You're going to be looking at, in certain cases, new characters inhabiting those roles, and new characters dealing with profound changes in the relationships with others around them and where they live."

"...Incredible Hulk like no fan has ever seen before. That's certain to be a topic of conversation. All the same people who yelled about female Thor are going to do the same thing about this Hulk."