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TV Review: Under the Dome, Episode 5 (CBS)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 07/23/2013 - 18:08


Abandoned hope, scorched earth. The things of post-apocalyptic war, of alien invasion.
Only this was/would be done by man (the military) to man (those under the dome) as we eventually find out a Visitor's Day is more a final gift to the dome-entrapped as the U.S. government plans to drop nukes on the half-sphere (or is it a sphere?) with survival being slim and none, and slim left town.
The excitement from a dome-centric episode last week continues as the strings are drawn tighter together. Elements from episodes past (the caves, etc.) come into play here very nicely. And the fast pace and human drama of the townsfolk and individual players keep the sci-fi series from becoming too maudlin.
Sheriff Linda, after her dire straits last week, has a great scene of self-awareness and nobility during the bombing. And of course, Norrie is just P-O'd. I was hoping maybe Norrie and Deputy Junior would escape the dome as the nukes hit. That's just me.
Big Jim is a mixed bag again. He released the imprisoned Angie and then sends Deputy Junior on a manhunt, or so we seem to perceive. And Angie's brother has finally started looking for her after turning his absent parents' home into Party Central. With or without pink stars.
POV character/murderer Barbie gets help from a letter which seems to confirm his story to Julia about her missing hubby. And we bid adieu to the Reverend, who we wish the mad deputy had shot in Episode 2.
Cool dome effects, sharp character moments and even some dark humor lifts this episode up as more of what viewers (well, me) are expecting.