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TV Review: Under the Dome, Episode 3 (CBS)

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Tue, 07/09/2013 - 17:55


If you thought Deputy Paul was crazy last week when he (accidentally) shot a fellow law officer, you should've seen him Monday night!
De facto Sheriff Linda is forced to arrest one of her own, but is not too happy with Paul after he feigns illness and locks Linda in jail (just like in dozens of Andy Griffith Show episodes).
Big Jim, the evil reigning city official whom we saw in a new light last week, comes to Linda's rescue, Linda becomes the real sheriff and suddenly a manhunt is on for former Deputy Paul.
Our hero/murderer Barbie is recruited by the lynching party in the hunt for Paul. Commanding available forces, Sheriff Linda tracks down Paul and winds up shooting him to protect Barbie and Big Jim.
You can always count on journalists to be the catalyst in dramas, and no difference here. Snoopy Julia, even without a newspaper in town (burned), decides to follow Junior to the Steel Mill caves after he visits girlfriend Angie, whom he is still holding prisoner.
Junior thinks he can maybe use the caves to escape under the dome (you knew it would work its way into the storyline eventually!), but no soap. The dome truly goes deep, and may even be a sphere.
She hasn't panicked people enough by revealing the secret of the enclosure on dome-wide radio. Now Julia is suspicious of her partner Barbie (he did seemingly murder her husband) and begins ransacking his belongings like any careful journalist would while Barbie showers.
Finally, in a nod of sorts to Episode 1, there are more teens, more seizures and more "pink stars".
By going off the populace panic and the dome for more conventional focus on a manhunt and some reporter snooping, the program seems to lose a little of its momentum and a lot of its sci-fi edge this week.
I understand human drama is as important as pink stars, but Monday's offering really fails to continue the great saga of the past two episodes.