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TV Review: Green Lantern: The Animated Series -- "Loss"

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sat, 01/26/2013 - 13:00


Just give peace a chance.

That is what both the Green and Red Lantern Corps are attempting to do, as the groups prepare to attend a rebuilding ceremony on the Red Lanterns’ planet of Ysmault on this episode of Green Lantern: The Animated Series titled “Loss.”

Unfortunately, a renegade and malfunctioning Manhunter isn’t making it easy for either the rage runners of Zox or the green guys from Oa.

We’ve all seen this before, gang.

Or have we?

The writers and producers of this superb sci-fi (I hate to call this a toon) animated half-hour of wonder have upped the typical peace-to-chaos story a notch or two, and “Loss” is a most apropos title.

As we find out, in a brilliant flash of sci-fi animation, it is not the Manhunters (the one on Ysmault is taken care of quickly by the arriving Hal Jordanand his teammates) but the Anti-Monitor itself, which is quickly approaching Red Lantern space.

Unfortunately, Zox witnesses the Green Lanterns’ taking of the Manhunter on his world and misinterprets it as a sneak attack. Thus it is the leader of the rage runners unwillingly joins the battle against the Anti-Monitor face-on (at least as a prisoner on the Interceptor).

It is when Razer is in danger that Aya, who has been cursed thrice by the visiting Guardian official, moves into active duty, saving the renegade Red Lantern from a powerful anti-matter blast.

Unfortunately, the romance between Razer and Aya seems to be coming to an ending here, and in sad fashion. It will be missed because it truly gave these characters, and their whole story, dimension.

“Loss” is an important episode in the Green Lantern: Animated Series canon, if such it has. It is the culmination of one subplot, the ending of another and perhaps a turning point as the Anti-Monitor still exists in our universe.

What will Hal and his remaining teammates do now, and will Razer be among that number?

Truly cosmic!