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TV Review: Avengers Assemble -- "The Avengers Protocol," Parts 1 and 2

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sun, 05/26/2013 - 14:51


This Sunday morning saw the debut of Marvel's Avengers Assemble on Disney XD. What we got was a rather mixed bag.

The first thing you miss, if you are a modern day Avengers toon connoisseur, is the very catchy theme song of the cancelled Avengers: Earth' Mightiest Heroes. (I still sing it in the shower.)

Second, we get some great animation. Avengers Tower, Tony's armor and the Quinjet have never looked better. And whether their battle was real or exhibition, you could feel every blow from Hulk's fist and Thor's uru hammer.

There was also some nice humor in the script, especially between Hulk and Hawkeye. Clint calls Hulk "green bean," Hulk flicks Hawkeye with a finger and a mess of arrows is all that is left. Hilarious!

Where the trouble comes is in the overall plot. Red Skull never seems that menacing, even in Iron Man's armor (and especially to readers of Uncanny Avengers). MODOK is just pathetic. And even though the DOK has teleported a dozen times with blue energy, when same hits Captain America, Stark (the smartest man in the room) concludes the shield slinger is dead.

That does lead to the reuniting of the Avengers, but c'mon! Before it is all said and done, they even use the old Bugs Bunny brain switcheroo shtick. Ugh.

I enjoyed seeing the Avengers assemble again and welcome to the Falcon and Black Widow, but this great soup needs a little meat, gentlemen.