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Top Ten Comics For February 2015

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 03/13/2015 - 13:25


Diamond Comics released their sales charts for February 2015 comic book sales.

We are now starting to see the effect that the geek box subscriptions have on sales as IDW Publishing's Orphan Black takes the #1 spot overall. More than likely, it would have had a difficult time cracking the top 100.

Marvel then takes the top three spots with two Star Wars titles and Spider-Gwen. DC nabs only two spots.

We see that Star Wars #2 comes in probably still over 100k as it beats out Batman, which is a six figure regular.

I'm still betting Star Wars #2 will have the biggest sales drop ever as it's first issue sold over 1 million copies, which was in part due to 60 variant covers and geek box subscriptions.

The question, at least for me is, does the geek box subscriptions have any lasting impace on sales? Does it bring in readers? Guess we'll find out with Oprhan Black #2. I will say that it is nice to see an indie take the #1 spot for the month.

Other thoughts:

Marvel again dominates DC Comics in both dollar share and number of comics sold.

We also see that comic sales are up around 15% from a year prior, which is good news.

It will be interesting to see how DC's Convergence effects the sales as their events usually do well; plus each comic is priced at $5 bucks a pop.

Marvel is also launching Secret Wars, which the zombies will be sure to chew up.