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Top 5 Reasons Iron Man 3 Could Suck

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 10/02/2012 - 14:00


It's being said that Iron Man 3 is going to be the best of the Iron Man series. It obviously can't be any worse than Iron Man 2 (right?), but Iron Man was a pretty cool film. 

With that being said, there are a few red flags that have come up as of late with Iron Man 3. So what follows are the top five reasons why Iron Man 3 just may suck.


5. Iron Man 2 sucked. Mickey Rourke made it no secret that the powers that be kept him on a tight leash resulting in a less than stellar performance. Could the resulting whiplash from IM 2 strike a chord with movie goers with the third movie as well? W-th!

4. The Chinese are involved. Now, you don't really think that Communist China is going to let themselves look bad, do you?  As the Chinese are involved and invested with production on the movie (not to mention own all the America theaters), the Chinese Govt. will in no way give the "okay" for the Chinese to look like the bad guys in the movie. So that means the Mandarin won't be a villain "from" China. Case in point — the Red Dawn "reboot." So maybe we will see Stark Industries team up with Wal-Mart and China, which leads us to #3... 

3. Iron Patriot armor. Fans of the comic books know that Spidey villain, Norman Osborn, donned the red, white and blue armor to win over the America sheople as part of the Dark Avengers. Makes sense. In Iron Man 3 it's being reported that Jim Rhodes is in the suit. Fans already aren't too big on Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard from IM, and really, do we even need War Machine (seee IM2)? In addition, it's too reminiscent of Rocky 4; so we are guessing Rhodey bites it here, too. But we do admit the IP armor will make a cool toy (see #4).

2. The Extremis armor is U.G.L.Y. Remember how the look of the first Iron Man movie suit was compared to a figher jet? Yeah, it was super cool, super sleek and super fast — just like the movie! The new suit seems more like some kind of Armadillor armor. And we know Armadillo are nasty suckers that carry all kind of diseases. Not a good choice, guys.

1. No John Favreau. Favreau was the reason Iron Man was such a success. Marvel Studios the reason why Iron Man 2 was a failure. Good luck to Shane Black.