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Top 10 reasons Why Sinestro Should Remain Green Lantern!

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Thu, 11/10/2011 - 13:50

As a comic book reader, I am having a ball watching a heretofore super-villain (and one of ancient vintage ala Joker or Lex Luthor) taking over a hero’s book. It has been great, fun and mind-bending, all the things comics should be.

So for CBN fans, Geoff Johns and his editors, here are my Top 10 reasons I would like to see Sinestro stay a Green Lantern and star of, well, Green Lantern. (Sorry, Hal.)




10. He can battle non-ring bearing menaces. As much as I have enjoyed seeing Sinestro against the Sinestro Corps and in the past other ring bearers of the Emotional Spectrum, I would like him to stretch his legs and ring finger and battle other DC cosmic entities (Brainiac, Darkseid). The GLs have stayed too long in their own sections of the universal pie.

9. He can roam the universe, free of the Guardians. While it is true that all members of the Green Lantern Corps have their free will, Sinestro as a rogue GL could free himself of the mad whims of Oa and even battle against them if need be (Third Army). This would not only be a great advantage to Sinestro but to the universe as a whole, looking at Guardian track records.

8. I am curious about Sinestro’s weird attachment to the Indigo Tribe. We have seen time after time a sort of attachment, some weird link between Sinestro and the Indigo Tribe (Book of the Black, for instance). Johns says he plans to explore this and, although they are ring bearers, this is one relationship I am eager to touch upon.

7. He does what he thinks is right, not necessary what is good. Until recent days, most Lanterns have been guided by the rules of the Guardians which said no killing. And even after killing was legalized by the little bald blues, most Lanterns have moral compasses. Not Sinestro, at least not in that manner. What would happen if Sinestro cut loose with a ring that has been called the most deadly weapon in the universe?

6. I would like to know more about the culture of Korugar. Not only his relationship with his daughter and the new character introduced in #3, but I would love to know Sinestro’s past and today’s modern Korugar. Surely there is a culture underneath this much-occupied world. Remember how the TV series Star Trek: DS9 embellished the cultures on that space station, the world it revolved around and even the creatures in the wormhole? We could see periodic flashbacks or current happenings deepening our knowledge of this world of our “hero.”

5. How different will Sinestro’s adventures be than Hal’s? Even though Hal Jordan has roamed the entirety of the DCU, he has always had Earth and Carol pulling at him in his mind. Even the JLA. Sinestro has a whole different perspective and mentality as a being from Korugar … and as Sinestro. It would be wild to take a cosmic one-shot adventure from Hal’s past, cast Sinestro in the role and see how differently things play out!

4. He knows almost as much about the rings as the Guardians. As they used to say in old school wrestling, the mentor taught the rookie everything he knows but not everything the mentor knows (roughly). With a simple change of outfit from green to stealth black in #3, we see that is so with Sinestro and Hal. What other secrets of the ring does Sinestro know? I cannot wait to find out.

3. I want to know more about the psyche of this being. All the GLs we have followed for the most part (Guy Gardner, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner) have been humans with human psyches. Different men, to be sure, but human thinkers nonetheless. How much different will it be following Sinestro across the universe. His logic allowed him to be a dictator and still see himself in the right. How will he handle similar decisions with a WMD on his finger?

2. I would love to see Sinestro among other DC alien races. Wouldn’t it be neat to have Sinestro as the only Lantern having an adventure of cosmic proportions that did not crossover into other books among such DC alien races as the Aellons, the Changralynians, the Daxamites, the Rigellians of 2011, ad infinitum? Myriad stories to be told with treasures of cosmic threats waiting on those worlds and more!

1. He is an alien! Most cosmic heroes are humans, metahumans or human-like. Sinestro is a flarkin’ alien. How much more fun and cosmic will be his adventures? Just sayin’ …

So how are you enjoying the New 52 Green Lantern starring Sinestro?