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Tom Hardy Confirms Playing Another DC Character

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Thu, 05/07/2015 - 16:12


Tom Hardy played Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and was all set to play Jack Flag in Suicide Squad.

Hardy recently explained the reasoning for dropping out of Suicide Squad was due to a scheduling conflict on his latest movie, while also stating he would like to play the Punisher.

However, Tom Hardy won't be going over to Marvel anytime soon as he offers an update and tells Collider he is playing another DC Character.

I actually got something cooking with Warner Bros. which is also a comic book, it’s a DC thing which is kind of…

It’s really good actually, it contains elements of all kinds of stuff. From Ocean’s Eleven, to Batman, you can get all the wrappers out and it would be a big, really cool, Technicolor, Pulp Fiction…It’s a psychological fuckfest, it’s absolutely awesome. It’s as if you would takeTransmetropolitan and make it happen, but it’s not that out there it’s something which is much more real world. It could be like Heat, it could be fucking awesome. Let me tell you what it is, try and guess.

Hardy continues teasing what the project might be, but the response seems rather enigmatic:

It’s not even a movie.

It’s already… It’s real estate, it’s PRIME real estate which is sitting there right under everybody’s nose that no one’s really thought about yet and it goes TV and movie, it’s awesome. I can’t believe that nobody has even –I know they thought of it but no one has actually blown life into it yet.

Any ideas what Hardy could be talking about? A video game? A TV series/movie? Something that connects all platforms?

Tom Hardy stars in "Mad Max: Fury Road" out May 15th.