Tom Brevoort on Fantastic Four #587, #588, FF and LOTS more

Posted By: Matt McGloin
01/28/2011 - 5:40pm



CBR's popular column "T&A," featuring EIC Axel Alonso and SVP Tom Brevoort, gets a name change with Tom taking over the reigns in "Talk To The Hat."

Tom discusses the recent issue of Fantastic Four that featured the death of The Human Torch, Johnny Storm. He comments on the fact that news outlets leaked the reveal early - and that he can't control what they do with the information they give them. (Hey, Tom - how about not giving them the information until the book is for sale -- or at least copies to read? Didn't they do this before? And wasn't it in this same column that you stated the reason for the black bag was to stave off spoilers - until the very last minute?).

Tom tells us that Fantastic Four #588 will, essentially, be an all silent issue. There will be a couple word balloons - but it is mostly silent. The back-up will have dialogue. (I believe the preview released earlier today is of the back-up).

On the relaunch, "FF" Tom said,"

"And then we're going to move into the future with "The New Book." It's still a little premature to talk about exactly what the New Book will be except that we've been soliciting something with the initials "FF" and what I've been saying all along is that it's going to be the same thing only different. It'll embody the same tone and spirit and style of "Fantastic Four" while at the same time being completely different and totally contemporary. This has been one of the larger goals since Jonathan wrote page one, panel one of issue #570 -- this and what lies beyond this. This is a big huge change and transformation for this entire franchise from "Fantastic Four" into something else, and Jon's using this as a catalyst for all that. But exactly what that is is a bit premature to say."

From there CBR and Tom Brevoort went on to discuss Marvel's "All Ages" line which writer Brian Clevinger stated a few days ago had been canceled.

Brevoort says that not to be the case (he tweeted Cosmic Book News verifying this as well):

"At this time, we are absolutely committed to the younger readers and kids audience. The line as a whole right now -- which is just two books and some things on the side -- is all moving into Steve Wacker's world."

Specifically on what Clevinger was told:

"I don't know exactly what was communicated back to Brian and by who and in what state. It sounds to me -- coming second or third hand rather than hearing Brian say stuff -- I wouldn't be surprised to find that people who told him this were trying to weasel their way out of their own responsibility for the situation."

They close with Brevoort asking readers a couple questions:

"I'd like to hear about a recent Marvel title that you hadn't been reading or really been into that you sampled based on a news blurb or a bit of promotion or what-have-you, and that you really enjoyed and got hooked on. What storylines or series launches have we marketed in such a way as to get you to sample them--and then, when you sampled, found you liked them?"

You can head on over to CBR to comment or feel free to leave you answer in the Cosmic Book News forums.