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Toldja: Wonder Woman Costume Description; New Batman and Lex Luthor Rumors

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 06/23/2014 - 14:35


A new batch of rumors for Batman Vs. Superman has hit the net in the following video, which reveal possible details for Wonder Woman, Batman and Lex Luthor.

JoBlo's source gives them a description for Wonder Woman's costume, which matches our own from January.

You can check out their full scoop in the video below.



Costume is described as "battle ready" and similar to comics.

It's said to have a blue leather skirt; silver armored cuffs that reach to her elbows; a golden tiara with possibly the red star as the design; variation of the traditional-looking red top; Wonder Woman's overall appearance is described as Amazon Warrior Princess, and definitely not an urban reimagining.

WB is said to be very happy with the look, and their source says it's "bad ass."

It's said Wonder Woman's weapons will consist of: a shield, sword, spear and lasso. The shield will be worn on her back (much like Captain America does).

Initially she will be introduced as Diana before we see her as Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot will have a fair amount of screentime and will team up with Batman and Superman for the final battle against an unnamed villain who may be working for or controlled by criminal mastermind Lex Luthor.

Wonder Woman's origin is set to be vague, but she is being brought in to show there are other superheroes.


Wayne Manor is said to be in the film, but Bruce Wayne chooses to live in a modern-looking cottage by a lake.

Under the cottage is a modernized Batcave complete with the Batwing, Batmobile and other crime-fighting tools.


Lex is now rumored to have long reddish hair (it's been said blond) who thinks he is God's gift to humanity and the best that humanity has to offer, which makes Lex hate Superman, because Superman is essentially a god, and that makes Lex think less of himself.

It's also said Lex tries to persuade people that Superman is a threat, which he partly succeeds in doing with some hating Superman and some liking the Man of Steel. 

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" has a May 6, 2016 release starring Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Jeremy Irons as Alfred, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Ray Fisher as Cyborg with Callan Mulvey, Holly Hunter and Tao Okamoto in new character roles for the film. "Justice League" is to follow directed by Zack Snyder as well.

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