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Timelord's Thoughts On The New Nova: Not Interested

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 03/05/2012 - 16:53

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:787:]]Timelord has been a little quiet as of late, ever since Richard Rider vanished in The Thanos Imperative, but Timelord did manage to surface on the Cosmic Book News forums and voice his thoughts.

It has recently come out that the Nova in Disney's Ultimate Spider-Man will not be Richard Rider, but a younger Spidey-in-space with an attitude, Sam Alexander. The design is similar to that of the new Nova who first appeared in Point One, as well as being featured in the upcoming Marvel mega event, Avengers Vs. X-Men. So it's more than likely they are one in the same. In addition, Jeph Loeb is behind both.

When Marvel chose to do away with the current incarnation of Marvel Cosmic, Timelord penned a series op-ed articles that were well-received by Marvel Cosmic fans, and he was even asked to participate as part of Podcast to further discuss his thoughts. In addition, Tom Brevoort, the Marvel Editor behind the recent Annihilation era, took notice.

So without further ado, we give you Timelord's thoughts on the new Nova!

picI'm not interested in a brash, young, teen Peter-Parkerish Nova. We had that in 1976 and again more recently in the Marvel Adventures SuperHeroes (MASH) alternate juvenile universe version of Rich Rider Nova. So - been there and done that. The hoped for catching the Spiderman genie in a bottle all over again didn't work in 1976 or in MASH and it's not going to work in the cartoon or in Point One. Nobody wants that. Comics are oriented to more mature readers and ideas/concepts now. The hot-headed juvenile shite has been played.
I'm pissed about Loeb and Brevoort disrespecting the character and the fans. They knew what we wanted and what we didn't want and they gave us exactly what we didn't want. If you all remember, I did an op-ed on what a returning Nova should and shouldn't be. If you read the article, then you know Loeb and Brevoort basically did the opposite of everything I recommended. My points were widely embraced by fans and after the article I was invited to do a podcast by Geek Radio in support of the points I made. Brevoort read the article and just snidely suggested I quit reading Marvel Cosmic and start reading Green Lantern.
So, anyone that has a problem with my negativity about this process can talk to the hand. Fact is, Loeb and Brevoort don't really respect the character, the continuity of the character, or us fans despite what they say in the press releases. They can't think outside the box and are just going to give up the same old hackneyed shite (hot-headed, teen Nova has these fantastic powers and struggles with learning to use them responsibly while coping with typical teenage problems/angst) that nobody wants to read anymore because its been F'n done to death. If we speak up against it, they just suggest we take our business elsewhere. When it fails, instead of taking responsibility themselves for being out of touch with the fans, they just blame the character for failing to appeal.
It does matter who wears the uniform and who wields the powers. Hijacking the uniform and concept and putting a new teenager into it disrespects all that came before. Loeb, Brevoort, and Alonso have resurrected other characters from the dead any time they wanted to before so I don't buy it that they have some great respect for what DnA did. If that was truly the case, they'd hire DnA to continue Nova and GotG resuming from where they left off. They just have some bizarre idea that they can create a space-based Spiderman and maybe make a movie out of it sometime because they're running out of potential movie material that might have mass audience appeal. Well I'm not buying it and I'm not keeping quiet about it. Loeb, Brevoort, and Alonso can all take a number, get in line, and suck my (you know what comes next - but out of respect for the etiquette that Matt expects, I won't write it).