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Thundercats 2011: Geared toward the "Thunderdads" and snarf won't be annoying

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 04/16/2011 - 10:15

picOur friends over at CBR spoke with producer Ethan Spaulding, producer and writer Michael Jelenic and Art Director Dan Norton and voice actor Larry Kenney on the the upcoming Cartoon Network reboot of Thundercats.

(Editor's Note: We previously spoke with Larry Kenney, voicing Claudius the father of Lion-O, who noted that Lion-O is more of a "smart-ass" in this version and more.)

Right off the bat, they mention their Thundercats is geared at those 10 and up - and that they specifically had in mind the fans of the original, referring to them as "Thunderdads." Of course, as we will get nods to the original - we'll be seeing new content, as well.

"This skews slightly older -- probably ten and up," Norton told CBR. "And we definitely had the 'ThunderDads' in mind. We're ThunderDads ourselves, some of us. There's definitely something in here where old school fans are going to notice things and get that familiarity, but at the same time it's going to be new. We found a way to wipe the slate and pay homage to the original spirit of the show."

As we learned at the recent Wonder Con, the show will deviate from the original in that all the action takes place on the planet of the Thundercats homeworld, Third Earth.

"The series sort of starts in the middle of the story. We have a pretty vast mythology that we're developing, and it's a slow burn. You're not going to find out the whole story in the first three episodes. You're not going to find the whole story out in the first 26 episodes. But we have a story mapped out that if you're patient, all your questions are going to be eventually answered," said Jelenic.

Jelenic continues informing that Lion-O will not be "aged in suspended animation"; that he "starts off as a young man put into the role of king before he's ready." Jelenic notes, that Lion-O will age, eventually, "That's not to say he won't get older."

Larry Kenney is confident that fans of the original have nothing to worry about and said, "fans of the old show are going to love this."

Another big difference is that Tygra is Lion-O's brother, which will be explored throughout season 1, and the cats will look a bit different to separate them - where they note Panthro will look larger.

Good news in regards to Snarf! Good new for me that is, as I couldn't stand whatever the hell the thing was when I was a kid, lol.

Seems I wasn't the only one as Jelenic states that a lot of fans - didn't even want Snarf in the show (yeah!). However, Jelenic states he just had to be in the new one, but that doesn't mean he will be the same (yeah!) -- and that they have stripped out the "naggy comedy" (yeah!).

"I don't want him to sound like Lion-O's grandmother, so the middle ground was to keep him quiet. When he finally does 'speak' it'll feel like Snarf," said Norton.

Kenney adds that Warner Bros. said snarf will be less annoying (yeah!).

They go on to note that they will be bringing as many original characters back as possible, that their version of the original opening (which was awesome!) will be slightly different - less of a "rock music" theme - but still good. Also, they are excited about the new toyline from Bandai.

Sounds good!

Look for the "Thundercats" on the Cartoon Network this July!