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Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats Show on Cartoon Network (2011)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 01/27/2011 - 17:44

Update 4/3/11: Head on over and read our exclusive interview with Larry Kenney and check out the second trailer!

Update 2/26/11: Go check out the recently released Thundercats promo video that was just shown on the Cartoon Network!



This week saw news of the new animated Thundercats cartoon set to debut this year on the Cartoon Network.

After the images released at the London Toy Fair, we got our first official look (right) and synopsis at the Thundercats!

The MTV Splashpage spoke with the producer on Thundercats, Ethan Spaulding.

Spaulding states this take on the '80s toon will be more a little more realistic as they felt the character designs from the original to be more of a super hero feel for the story they want to present.

As many have noticed from the released artwork, this version of Thundercats has a strong anime vibe. Spaulding notes this is something the original - which was done in Japan - consisted of and they are going back to that. It's their way of "going back to and honoring that in the new series," said Spaulding.

While some elements were updated, some were also kept. Panthro's tiger-claw nunchucks were kept as they felt it to be part of the iconic design of the character. Spaulding also states we'll see Snarf, WilyKid and WilyKat as well.

Specifically on the redesign, Spaulding had this to say:

"It's more realistic, more real-world palette. The Japanese animations are great. The colors are keyed a lot different than the American animation, and there's a little bit more variety going on. We're fans of that style. You get a little more attention paid to the lighting in this show, the sense of atmosphere, and the scope of the project. We're going for a movie feel, and hopefully we're achieving that."

The producer on Thundercats also mentions Lion-O and Tigra which you can read about at the MTV Splashpage.

As the interview notes, the theme song and opening from Thundercats is, perhaps, the best ever - so don't change it guys!

Look for more news about Thundercats soon from Cosmic Book News!

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