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Threshold #1 Larfleeze Last Page Spoiler

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 01/18/2013 - 20:21


This week saw the debut of Keith Giffen's new cosmic comic book with Threshold #1.

Our own M. E. Byron Brewer raved about the issue in his review with, "'Threshold' #1 offers the starving cosmic comic reader with some much-needed adventure ... and the characters even say 'das't!!'"

The issue also features a new GL and a Larfleeze back-up story where the orange Lantern gets duped by a phony news broadcast.

DC Comics released the last page from the Larfleeze story as well as a write-up of what went down in the issue.

So what is “The Hunted”? It’s a reality TV-style competition show that spans an entire alien solar system. Each contestant is chosen from those that pose a threat to the intergalactic alien rulers called the Tenebrian Dominion. Otherwise known as traitors and criminals, the contestants have bounties placed on their heads, kicking off the hunt!

Every citizen under the Tenebrian Dominion is invited to participate in the show. All they have to do is kill one of “The Hunted” and collect their bounty prize. Citizens can either hunt alone or work together in teams – all that matters is that the contestant ends up stone cold dead.

Jediah Caul, a disgraced Green Lantern who has been stripped of his powers, is now one of “The Hunted.” With an entire planet looking to kill him, it seems that survival isn’t in the cards for this ex-Lantern. But with the help of another contestant, he is able to escape the spotlight and survive … for now.

Meanwhile, in the far off Vega system, Larfleeze has decided it is time for a book to be written about himself. With the help of his new servant, Stargrave, Larfleeze tells the tale of his “humble” beginnings and how he became the one and only Orange Lantern.

Upon the conclusion of his tale, the orange power of the ring – the essence of avarice –takes hold and Larfleeze decides he is the only one that can own the book. In his mind, this book of knowledge is power … and nobody shall hold power over Larfleeze!

Suddenly, a news alert interrupts his ranting and a new Orange Lantern is revealed to be roaming the galaxy. Enraged, Larfleeze takes off and leaves Stargrave to stand watch over all of his possessions.

But, as the existence of the other Orange Lantern is revealed to be a hoax, Larfleeze returns to his home ready to begin plotting revenge on those who came up with such a horrible joke. But something has changed and his worst nightmare has come true …

Larfleeze has been robbed! Will he ever get back all of his things? And what price will he make the thief(s) pay when/if he finds them? Place your bets in the comments section below and keep reading THRESHOLD to find out what happens next!

Below, take a look at the final page from “Nine Tenths of the Law” as Larfleeze discovers his empty home. And don’t forget to pick up your copy of THRESHOLD #1, written by Keith Giffen and illustrated by Tom Raney and Scott Kolins, in stores now!