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Thor 2 Has $86.1 Million Opening

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 11/10/2013 - 18:21


In what is said by some to be a best movie of the year contender, Thor 2 has brought home an estimated $86.1 million weekend opening domestically which is about 30% better than the 2011 film's debut.

To date, Thor 2 already has made $327 million worldwide. For a comparison, the 2011 Thor movie made about $450 million total. So we already see Thor 2 is on track to top the original numbers.

Some online were hoping Thor 2 would hit the $100 million mark, but while that didn't happen (it should have!), Thor 2 still lived up to the tracking and estimates.

Another plus for Thor 2 is that it is the biggest opening for a Marvel Studios movie that didn't feature Robert Downey Jr.

In my opinion, Thor 2 was light years ahead of Iron Man 3, and with word of mouth being so positive, hopefully that gets movie goers who have been on the fence into theaters. The movie is filled with tons of action and a great story. There are tear-jerking moments and comedy. It's cosmic mayhem with a mix of earth-bound battling. My only real gripe I had about the movie, which is the same for the first, is that I would have liked it to be about 20 minutes to 30 minutes longer. I felt Branagh got short-changed with his ending as it wrapped too fast for my taste, and while that wasn't the case for Alan Taylor's Thor 2, there are characters I would have liked to see more from and some less of. I will also throw it out there, that those who were disappointed with what went down in Man of Steel should be extremely happy with Thor 2.

I left the movie theater thinking "Thor 2 has everything you could want to see in a movie." I saw it in IMAX 3D with the Captain America 2 5-minute preview as well, which looked great.