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Third Army getting set to strike in Green Lantern!

Posted By: Wonder Worlock
Sat, 04/07/2012 - 16:02


There is a cosmic storm coming toward the DCnU, and it is slated to strike in the not-too-distant future in Green Lantern!

GL scribe and DC heavyhitter Geoff Johns told our friends at Newsarama recently that this storm will take the form of a “pretty big story.” And, he said, it “comes at the worst possible time for the rest of the universe.”

Despite its “soft” reboot, the tapestry that Johns has been weaving since 2004 with Green Lantern: Rebirth is still intact in the comic and still tipping us off each and every issue of the mag to things we will need to know down the road.

Of course, what Johns discusses revolves around the coming of the Third Army, the first internal threat to endanger the Green Lantern Corps, and the plan of the Guardians of the Universe (including a brainwashed-or-something Ganthet) to be rid of the Lanterns in favor of this Army.

To do that, the Guardians have set out to find the First Lantern -- and the Book of the Black.

Aside from the Third Army story, Johns also discussed his buddy cops of the hour, Hal and Sinestro:

“Sinestro is all about manipulation, so he's constantly in a state of manipulating people and saying what he needs to say rather than what he means,” the writer said.

“With Hal Jordan, he's clearly much more truthful, especially about his opinion of him.

“But if you cycle through the issues since the relaunch, one of the things Brian Cunningham, my editor, and Doug Mahnke and I really spoke about is, let's see Sinestro experience emotions that we haven't ever seen him experience before. So we've seen him experience pain and sorrow and laughter. Like, honest laughter.

“One of my favorite scenes we've done so far in the book is when Hal's really pissed off at Sinestro and he says to him, ”˜Don't think you're better than me.’ And [Sinestro] looks at him for a beat, and then Sinestro just starts bursting out laughing. And he says, ”˜Jordan, you know I'm better than you.’ He's like, come on, enough fooling around. Let's go.

“It's a sincere moment of humor that Sinestro finds in Hal's words. We don't often see that.

“In issue #8 (coming out April 11), we see a moment of pretty unbridled rage that we haven't seen in awhile, and I think revealing those different layers to Sinestro helps show the complicated character he is.

“And that goes for Hal Jordan, too.”

Stay tuned to CBN for more on this and other cosmic comic storylines to come!