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Thanos Imperative: Best Selling Marvel GN in March!

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 04/09/2011 - 20:28

picWell lookie here.

The Thanos Imperative HC came in at #10 on Diamond's list for Top 100 Graphic Novels in March - and was the Marvel U.'s #1 selling Graphic Novel for the month, as well (source: Newsarama).

Who would have thought?

Apparently not Marvel, as Tom Brevoort fill us in on his Form Spring:

Question: I just saw that the Thanos Imperative HC was Diamond's best selling Marvel Universe graphic novel for March 2011. Would you have expected it to sell that well? (It's a great book by the way, especially @ that price!)

Tom Brevoort: We were talking about this earlier today, I think it's absolutely stunning. I definitely wouldn't have expected it.

Yes, Tom, who would have thought that a Marvel reader actually wanted to read a comic book that didn't have Captain America, Spider-Man, a vampire or an x-mutant?!

Stunning, ain't it?

And it's a space book, too!

All kidding (sorta) aside, I think the ball is in Marvel's court. They may have fumbled with the cancelling of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy, but this has to send a loud message.

At least I hope so.

And I hope that message isn't just "Thanos sells."

Certainly Thanos had something to do with it, but the driving force behind it was all DnA. The art wasn't even all that up to standard, at least in the beginning. The story was just plain great, and was surrounded by a fan-favorite cast of cosmic characters. Obviously, word spread just how good TI was - and readers bought into it.

So what say you, Marvel?

The readers voted with their wallets - how will you respond to that?

We anxiously await an answer.