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Terminator Reboot Now Has July 2015 Release Date

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 09/16/2013 - 18:48


Paramount has announced a new release date for the Terminator reboot with the first of a new trilogy now having a July 1, 2015 debut.

Previously it was announced the new Terminator would be released a weekend prior on June 26th. It's guessed Paramount wishes to take advantage of the 4th of July holiday weekend as the new release date is on a Wednesday, in addition to there being no competition as it's thought the Independence Day sequel will now have a 2016 release.

The new Terminator reboot has Thor 2 director Alan Taylor rumored to direct. It's thought Arnold Schwarzenegger will return, though it hasn't been confirmed as of yet. Dwayne Johnson's name also has been thrown around, and also rumored to return are Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn from the original 1984 flick.

Rumored plot details at one time included mention that the movie will be set in the 1950s with Arnold Schwarzegger as a human, which is who the Terminators are eventually based on. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger even mentioned the new movie will begin filming this January, and he will play a Terminator; however, nothing has been confirmed by the studio.