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SYFY's Sanctuary: "Chimera" Preview Trailer

Posted By: Staff
Mon, 11/28/2011 - 16:47

SYFY sent over the following info and trailer on the next episode of Sanctuary, "Chimera," that airs Tuesday November 29th at 10pm ET.

In Sanctuary, Chimera, Magnus and Tesla are transported to a virtual Sanctuary.  The virtual Sanctuary looks exactly like the real Sanctuary which initially causes them confusion as to whether they were transported or not.  They come to realize that the computer is using their conscience to build the digital cloud around them as well as what it is in its own database.  While they are discussing this, something rushes past them and disappears.  Brushing off the disturbance, the two get to the task at hand and decide to start their search in Henry’s lab.  They call the elevator and luckily they look before stepping in as there is nothing but a big hole where the elevator should be. Catch an all new episode of Sanctuary tomorrow, November 29th at 10/9c!