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SyFy's Merlin, Being Human and Lost Girl Sneak Peeks For Feb 24th and 27th

Posted By: Staff
Tue, 02/21/2012 - 17:43

SyFy sent over the following preview trailer sneak peeks for the next episodes of Merlin, Being Human and Lost Girl Sneak Peeks.


In our Merlin Sneak Peek, the Knights of Camelot enter into a swordfight with several bandits that have captured a waifish girl. After their defeat, the bandits scurry away, leaving the girl behind. Tune in to an all new episode as the unknown girl might hold the secret to a plague decimating the men of Guinevere’s home village.
In Lost Girl, Bo pays a visit to Lauren after she reports of feeling ill but doesn’t seem to find anything out of the ordinary. Kenzi abruptly walks in a claims she is not feeling well either and while Lauren begins to examine her, Bo finds herself imagining the two in a somewhat intimate setting. Tune in Lost Girl as Bo, Kenzi, and Hale face a paranoid nightmare after being bitten by a spider-like Fae.
In Being Human, Sally races down the steps to of the brownstone and finds the house in disarray. She calls out to ask whoever is causing this to stop but finds herself being faced with the mysterious force that’s been hunting her. Catch the all new sneak peek and tune in next Monday for an all new episode.
Merlin – Airs - Friday, February 24th @ 10/9c
”˜Lamia’ – Sneak Peek

Being Human – Airs – Monday, February 27th @ 9/8c
”˜The Ties That Blind’ – Sneak Peek

Lost Girl – Airs – Monday, February 27th @ 10/9c
”˜Arachnofaebia’ – Sneak Peek