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SyFy Face Off In The Hot Seat: Getting Sued For Allegedly Stealing Concept

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 01/26/2013 - 13:21

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:5267:]]SyFy's popular hit make-up and special effects reality show, Face Off, is getting accused of stealing the concept, and NBC Universal is being sued for breach of implied-in-fact contract, breach of confidence, unfair competition and other charges.

THR reports that a production company is claiming they pitched the show first to SyFy in May of 2009, with SyFy passing on it, and then launching Face Off in 2010.

The production company, The Results Group, claims their pitch was about a make-up competition show hosted by a female actor that centered around a $100,000 prize.

It's said the pitch meeting was held with producers, executives and agents, with The Results Group told that SyFy wasn't going to go ahead with a TV series based on their ideas.

When The Results Group first heard about Face Off, they asked SyFy for proof that Face Off was not copied from their pitch, with SyFy providing documents said to exist before the meeting.

However, once the show aired, the production company saw it mirrored their own ideas, hence the lawsuit.

The lawsuit seeks various costs associated with loss of fees as well as including any money SyFy made off the show.

NBC and SyFY haven't officially commented. 

You can read the complaint here.