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Superman Unchained Officially Announced By Scott Snyder and Jim Lee

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 03/04/2013 - 17:54

DC Comics has finally announced the title of Scott Snyder and Jim Lee's new comic book to be Superman Unchained.

The new series debuts right in time with the new Man of Steel movie as well as Greg Pak and Jae Lee's own Batman/Superman.

Superman Unchained will feature a back-up by Snyder with art by Dustin Nguyen, and we'll also get a first look as part of DC Comics FCBD this May.

Speaking of "unchained," Jim Lee lets it be known that they want to go forth in a new direction and not necessarily be grounded to the past.

"We're all fans and we've all known this character for a long time. You have to fight your natural tendency to do what you know or what you've always thought the character to be," Lee told Usa Today. "We've been pushing the creators to not be beholden to the past conceits and understandings. So we will speak to a new generation of readers."