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Superman Gets Another New Power In Action Comics #48

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Thu, 02/04/2016 - 09:23


Spoilers follow for this week's Superman Action Comics #48.


Quick recap: Superman has been pretty powerless as of late because, among other things, Vandal Savage stole his power. So the Man of Steel comes up with the idea to use Kryptonite to burn away his top layer of skin cells that are preventing him from soaking up the yellow sun energy. Well, things don't go exactly as planned and Superman is left with a new power.

Instead of his skin cells dieing off, they absorbed the kryptonite, which now gives him the ability to "feel transmissions... energy waves... from all over the world... including signals..."

Check out the pages below.

It's being speculated Superman may be soon returning to his "normal self" with the upcoming DC relaunch, "Rebirth."

Action Comics #50 also marks Greg Pak's last issue.




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