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Superman announcement from Geoff Johns and Jim Lee coming this June

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 05/23/2011 - 12:05

pic The DC Blog The Source announces that big plans are in store for Superman (about, dang time!) and that Jim Lee and Geoff Johns will be announcing just what that is - and more - in a special interview on June 11th at the LA Times Hero Complex Film Festival in Hollywood.

Before I go on, current Superman writer (and HUGE fan of the Man of Steel), Chris Roberson, tweeted on Friday that he just heard from his editor and received some distressing news. Might be safe to say this is Superman related and after "Grounded" concludes in August, Roberson is off Superman.

I don't know Roberson personally or anything, but I have been following his interviews and reading the book -- and can tell the guy loves Supeman. Roberson came on board after JMS bailed on Superman and Wonder Woman and I was hoping DC would give him a chance to do what he wanted to do with Big Blue - as the JMS "Grounded" arc is HORRIBLE! So I definitely feel for the guy, if this is the case. If not, scratch this.

Anyway, back to Johns and Lee.

To catch you up on the recent DC news: There are no regular Green Lantern books, at least solicited, for July and August. Which is very strange if you think about it, because the Green Lantern movie hits June 17th. On top of that, DC has only solicited one book for the last week of August - Flashpoint #5. There's rumor of a total DC Universe reboot or every issue getting re-numbered with a "#1" etc etc. Suffice to say, big things are being planned.

The Source released the following which seems to insinuate that Superman will be getting the Batman, Green Lantern and Flash "treatment." Whether or not Johns, Lee - or both - are directly involved (meaning writer/artist) is up in the air. However, "can this young, hot creative duo launch Clark Kent and his alter ego into the future" sounds promising.

Here's the info:

Which way will Superman fly in the 21st century? DC Entertainment’s own superheroes Geoff Johns and Jim Lee tackle this and other comic book questions Saturday, June 11 at the Hero Complex Film Festival in Hollywood.

Superman has been a cultural icon for 73 years, capturing the hearts and imagination of the world through the pages of DC Comics. What does DC have in store for Superman and can this young, hot creative duo launch Clark Kent and his alter ego into the future?

In an exclusive on-stage conversation, legendary comic writer Geoff Johns and celebrated comic artist Jim Lee, will be interviewed by journalist Geoff Boucher, who is celebrating his 20th year at the Los Angeles Times and has become a high-profile figure in genre culture as the creator of the award-winning Hero Complex website.

Johns and Lee will be making comic book publishing news at the festival panel. Their appearance will be followed by a tribute to Richard Donner, screenings of both “Superman” and “Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut” and a Q&A with the famed filmmaker.

Single-day tickets are available for festival, which runs June 9-12 at the Chinese Six Theatre at famous cross-street of Hollywood and Highland. A limited number of discounted four-day passes are also available. Other special guests include Warren Beatty, Jon Favreau, Nicolas Meyer, Damon Lindleof, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. More guests and programs will be announced soon