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Stephen Amell Wants To Battle Hawkeye; Flash Arrow Episode Filmed (Video)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 09/30/2013 - 18:35


Arrow filmed the first episode with the new Flash, Grant Gustin, as Stephen Amell lets it be known from his trailer in Vancouver in the following video QnA.

Grant Gustin appears in episodes 8, 9 and 20 of Arrow before getting a spinoff series for The Flash.

Check out the following video QnA Stephen Amell did on Facebook for the fans. Amell also offers once again that the sky is the limit regarding which DC characters may appear.

"Based on how things are going, I will eventually be able to interact with almost every DC character because they're just arriving on our show fast and furious," Amell offers.

Amell previously hinted characters from the Justice League may appear on Arrow, but "whether they band together remains to be seen."

Amell also offered he likes having the face paint on instead of wearing a mask, and when questioned which character, DC or Marvel, he would like to do battle with stated Hawkeye.

"Probably Hawkeye, right? Just because...they are like doppelgangers. Yeah," he said.

Amell is also asked by a fan about potential DC characters in Arrow with mention of other heroes with no powers appearing ("cough Batman cough") and villains with Amell not specifically answering.

"I'm sure we'll see them," he teased.

Arrow Season 2 premieres Wednesday, October 9th at 8pm ET on the CW.

Check out the full video QnA of Stephen Amell talking Arrow: