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Stephen Amell Teases WWE Appearance Vs. Stardust (Video)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 07/28/2015 - 00:19

Update: Stephen Amell has asked his fans if he should wrestle Stardust:


Facebook! Something you should know about me is that I'm a lifelong fan of the WWE. You'll remember that I've openly...

Posted by Stephen Amell on Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Arrow star Stephen Amell happens to be a big WWE fan who hails from Toronto, Ontario, another big wrestling town.

Not too long ago Amell attempted to take on Sting, as Sting was using the vigilante gimmick, sort of similar to Amell in the Arrow series.

It's guessed when Amell came face-to-face at the recent Philadelphia Comic-Con with Sting, the (175lb?) actor quickly realized he wasn't a match for the 6'3 250lb WWE Superstar.

Following that short feud, Amell attended a WWE event where he was called out by Codey Rhodes, aka Stardust.

It was originally thought that Amell and Rhodes might duke it out at next month's Summer Slam, but we are guessing as production on Arrow has kicked off in Vancouver (Summer Slam is in Brooklyn), Amell can't find the time to leave.

Now the latest regarding Arrow vs. Stardust is that the last couple of weeks on WWE RAW, Rhodes has been feuding with Neville (whose finisher is called the Red Arrow), with Rhodes saying stuff about super heroes and such. Earlier tonight on RAW saw Cody Rhodes mention super heroes again as well as "green hood" and appeared to rip up a magazine of Stephen Amell as Green Arrow.

Stephen Amell shared the above video on his Facebook noting "the time for talk is almost over," which seems to be hinting that Amell will be taking on Cody Rhodes. Amell also previously made mention that the WWE will be in the area, which may suggest the battle will take place somewhere in the northwest. 

August 8th does see the WWE have a house event in British Colombia, and the next Monday, WWE RAW is in Washington, not too far from where Amell is filming Arrow. Tuesday's Smackdown is in Oregon as well.

Another possibility is that the WWE and Amell are setting up a match for Wrestlemania 32, which takes place in April at ATT&T Stadium in Texas. The WWE is going to try to take back the single event crowd record, which they previously held with Wrestlemania 3, but has since been beat by the NBA.