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Stephen Amell Responds To Arrow Criticism; Fans Go Nuts

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 10/17/2014 - 20:01


I have to give major kudos to Stephen Amell.

The guy runs his own Facebook page, which has over 2.6 million likes, and he keeps it legit by not handing it over to a PR team to shmooze over the fans.

Earlier today saw a (former?) fan of Arrow post a criticism of the current season, with Amell actually taking the time to respond.

Well, if you are on any of the social networks yourself, you know what happened next.

Yep. The Arrow fans went ballistic.

Here's the fan's criticism:

Hello Stephen Amell, I am here to tell you that I am gonna stop watching Arrow from now on! I hope you will read this since it contains the reasons, even if I "sincerously" doubt you will see this! And yes, I watched you live when you said that 'word' for the first time.
1. "My name is Oliver Queen...." This intro has become so annoying. Like eating the same thing every damn day. Even an intro song would be better. We already know who is Oliver Queen and what's his deal, otherwise we wouldn't be watching up to season 3. Supernatural has 10 seasons and I'm still loving it, but it has no "My name is Oli... My name is Oli... "
2. To much useless drama. Being a superhero means to be tough, not crying like a woman every episode about it. We get it, its hard to be a vigilante(even if every one knows who you are by now), but take a damn brake from time to time and be cool. You forget your origins! Green Arrow mocks bad situations with humor, not with tears. That made him cool, that made him a man and a legend in comic books.
3. I LOVED the beginning of season 1. Oliver was a mysterious guy with an awesome dark cool past. Now he talks ALLLLL DAY LONG. Whats worst about this talking...overall he says the same thing in every episode.
4. Where is the list? You have no more purpose in the series. Except "Fighting Crime", something way too general, there is no back story for 'Arrow'. Most mature people I know watching the series are doing it for the 5 years gap. Present time got so boring...

Don't get me wrong, I respect you as an actor and what you do in real life. You're simply awesome. But until the series will get some backbone, if they will ever get one, and it will lose this toxic melodrama... I am out. 
Peace and all the best in life!

Amell's response:

Sorry to lose you as a viewer.

And some of the comments that follow:

Well he answered and you suck


 "You sound like someone peed in your cornflakes." - Captain Lance


Congrats; this is officially the dumbest thing I've read on the internet today.
And yes, you're right; how DARE Ollie tear up and show some emotion when one of his best friends and a former lover is MURDERED! Of course the logical solution should be to shrug it off and behave like an unfeeling robot. And also, how DARE a superhero, you know, BE A HERO and fight crime for the sake of stopping crime rather than using a pre-made list.
Stephen Amell, pay no attention to the bitter little troll; the show is awesome and what you're doing is awesome. Keep up the good work!


You say it like its HIM writing it. Its okay. Place your complaints here


Oh how horrible, one less viewer, this is going to affect the series in such a drastic way, let's all cry because he's leaving okay, (sarcasm) but now in all seriousness, couldn't you just stop watching it, and keep your over dramatic post to yourself?, GEEEEZZZZ






He's a true hero in real life. Never seen any other celebrity be like him! Enough said!


Who are you know you will keep watching lol


I'm so confused... You like Supernatural, but hate Arrow because of DRAMA!? WHAT THE F--- DUDE!? Every episode of Supernatural is Sam and Dean crying and having issues with each other. You sir, are an idiot. Also, *BREAK.


Well, to address your reasons: The intro has changed, but yes, he does continue to introduce himself. If 8 seconds is enough to send you away, I would hesitate to ever call you a fan.
2. Read comics. Drama is everywhere in them.
3. The story is about Oliver Queen returning from the island to someone who can function in society again. If character development is a turn off for you, go watch the twilight movies.
4. So you have a problem with a superhero show showing the character become a superhero?