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Stephen Amell Hints Green Arrow Is Headed To The DC Movie Universe Minus Him

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 05/28/2016 - 19:01

Will see see a different Green Arrow in the DCEU than on TV?

It's definitely possible, especially considering Zack Snyder cast a different actor for the Justice League movie Flash.

And it's already known the Arrow Suicide Squad characters, and most likely Black Canary, were killed off to pave way for the characters to appear in the DC movies.

Now while appearing on Larry King, Arrow star Stephen Amell seemingly hints the same path might be set for his character as well. 

Stephen Amell makes it known there are no present plans for Green Arrow in the DC movie universe, but says if there were, they probably wouldn't include him. Amell then makes note "but things change," which obviously suggests Green Arrow may eventually appear on the silver screen at some point minus his involvement.

Watch the video below for yourself especially paying attention to that last remark, "but things change," that comes of rather skeptical.

Here's the text:

"Well, I mean it has become easier to take properties on television and turn them into films, but I don't know, those are things that exist out..." Amell said, with Larry King interrupting that Grant Gustin wasn't cast as the movie Flash.

"No. The cinematic universe and the television universe are separate," Amell responded.

Larry King then remarked that Amell might not be cast if there was a movie.

"I might not be. I've spoken with people within DC, and they said there's no plan to bring the Green Arrow character to the cinematic universe,'  Amell said, and then added, with a seemingly skeptical, "But things change."

It should be noted Arrow is returning for a Season 5, so it's not like the series is getting cancelled. Similar to The Flash TV series, it's possible both the TV and movie versions could run concurrently; however, would Stephen Amell be down with that and another actor playing the role of Oliver Queen and Green Arrow?