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Star Trek Into Darkness Voted Worst Movie; Simon Pegg Goes Off

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 08/22/2013 - 17:07


For the second time within a week, actor Simon Pegg goes off on fans, this time regarding Star Trek Into Darkness.

At at recent convention in Las Vegas, Trekkers voted Star Trek Into Darkness as the worst ST movie ever.

Well, that didn't sit well with Pegg, who recently sounded off on the Ant-Man movie rumor as well.

Pegg, who stars in Edgar Wright's At World's End, includes some expletives again and likens the Trekkers' Star Trek Into Darkness response to an indie band that becomes popular (via Huffington Post).

You know, it's not for them, really. It's kind of for everyone.

I think it's like when you tire of an indie band that you love because, suddenly, they get a number one single. You don't necessarily start disliking their music, but you stop liking them because you're pissed off that they're famous, or whatever. "Star Trek Into Darkness" is the most successful "Star Trek" movie ever made. It is, in terms of what it took at the box office and how many people went to see it. More people saw that film than any iteration of "Star Trek" that existed before. That is probably slightly annoying to some "Star Trek" fans -- which I totally understand.

It's asinine, you know? It's ridiculous. And frustrating, as well, because a lot of hard work and love went into that movie, and all J.J. wanted to do was make a film that people really enjoyed. So, to be subject to that level of sort of, like, crass fucking ire, I just say fuck you. Not you, but the people who said that. 

Star Trek Into Darkness currenty has just over $450 million worldwide in gross; Abrams' 2009 movie had around $385 million.