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Spider-Man Will Be Suited Up In Captain America: Civil War

Posted By:Matt McGloin
Thu, 12/03/2015 - 23:12


We've known Tom Holland has filmed scenes for Captain America: Civil War, and we even have an idea of what one of the scenes involves.

Now it's confirmed that Tom Holland will suit up as Spider-Man - not just Peter Parker - in Captain America: Civil War. revealed new Captain America: Civil War images with the information that when they attended a set visit, they saw an actor dressed as Spider-Man of which both Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige and Robert Downey Jr. seemingly confirmed.

“Listen, if there was a cosplayer running around that set when you were there, I don’t know what to tell you,” Feige said.

Robert Downey Jr. added:  “[Don] Cheadle and I are just going, ‘Wow, dude, look at this.’ We’re now like the old guard, and our storyline carries real weight just because of our history in the [canon]. But we’re also looking around like, ‘Who thought that Falcon and Black Panther and Ant-Man and now Spider-Man…?’ I mean it’s like wow, this thing is just crazy.” 

However, Chris Evans was quick to note things could always change.

“You never know with Marvel,” Chris Evans said. “Sometimes they shoot things and then don’t use them.”

The articles continues specifically noting, "So, yes: Spider-Man is in Civil War," which follows with director Joe Russo talking Tom Holland:

“We did two screen tests with the character. We were pretty vocal about who we wanted for the part,” Joe Russo offered about Holland. “He’s fantastic. Amazing. It’s like Christian Bale in Empire of the Sun. Rarely do you see a kid carry a movie like that. He’s also a dancer and a gymnast. He fits the part like you can’t believe. Another thing that we were really pushing for was to go young with the part. It’s the only way to differentiate it from what’s been done in the past. Get him as close as you can to the age that [the actor] is.”

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