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Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark gets switched off

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 03/11/2011 - 21:56


The opening Broadway production of "Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark," which has seen a plethora of delays and problems, has been delayed until Tuesday June 14th.

In addition, performances scheduled between April 19th and May 11th have been canceled and set to resume on Thursday May 12th, according to Deadline.

This should give them enough time (hopefully) to fix all the problems including script issues, fines, cast injuries and further production problems.

"Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark," a $65 million production, has already been showing to audiences as a "preview" - but with ticket prices at the same cost as the officially scheduled shows. NYC reviewers have been giving the show a bad rap -with the shows' producers firing back that it isn't a finished product-  as some state since they pay regular price they are going to give it a regular review.

Hopefully the shows producers are able to get out of the sticky web they landed in!