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Sony Creating Amazing Spider-Man Shared Movie Universe

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 11/21/2013 - 23:30


With Marvel Studios having such success with The Avengers, the other studios execs are finally seeing the light of day as now it becomes known that Sony is going to create a movie universe around Spider-Man.

At a recent Q&A session, Sony Entertainment Chief Michael Lynton let it be known that a number of scripts are in the works and they are working closely with Disney and Marvel Studios.

"We do very much have the ambition about creating a bigger universe around Spider-Man. There are a number of scripts in the works involving characters and villains in the series," stated Lynton, reports Deadline. "[We are] working closely with Marvel and Disney."

While that last statement might sound as if Spider-Man might meet The Avengers, the report goes on to state that isn't so as Sony owns the film rights while Disney owns the merchandising rights. In addition, Marvel has helped out Sony with the Spider-Man movies such as with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige being an executive producer on Amazing Spider-Man.

It will be interesting to see which characters Sony's develops for the big screen. There has already been talk about a Venom movie, but who else? Potential characters include Black Cat, rumored to be appearing in Amazing Spider-Man 2; Morbius the Living Vampire, one time rumored for Amazing Spider-Man; perhaps Ben Reilly, the clone of Peter Parker, or even Spider-Man 2099. It's also possible Sony could go with Spider-Man villains for a movie (maybe as anti-hero's) such as with Jamie Foxx and Electro, Harry Osborn or Green Goblin.