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Slender Man Rumored For American Horror Story Season 6

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 01/28/2016 - 10:41


American Horror Story may be bringing the internet sensation to life known as the Slender Man.

According to US Weekly, the sixth season of American Horror Story will be about Slender Man, the fictional supernatural horror character created back in 2009 by a user on the Something Awful Internet forums.

"Someone else wrote the script, and AHS wants to adapt it to fit the show,” an insider said. “They have to buy the rights. Then they’re going to figure out the cast from there.”

Slender Man was created by Eric Knudsen for a photoshop contest. The character is faceless, tall and skinny wearing a black suit and is often depicted abducting and traumatizing children.

Following the contest, Slender Man quickly went viral becoming a fan-favorite character that inspired many works of fan-fiction, YouTube videos and even the Enderman in the popular Minecraft game.