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SDCC 2011: Todd McFarlane on DC Relaunch: "you blew your whole entire wad"

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 07/23/2011 - 15:27

picOur friends over at CBR spoke to Todd McFarlane on the DC Relaunch and about his thoughts on that.

He brings up some interesting points, in that he namely thinks DC putting out 52 #1's out of the gate is a bit too much, as the momentum will slow further down the line.

Actually, he doesn't compare it much to a horse race, but more to a 15 year old kid, I suppose (laughs).

Here is a couple excerpts. Head on over to CBR for the entire read.

"I'll bet against it. And here's why: I think it's a fool's game, I'm not on board, I think it's a fool's game what they're doing."

"I would have taken the 52 and put out six or seven new #1s each month and spread it for seven, eight, nine months, and then you would have had people talking about those new books for half a year to a year."

"But you could have done this, and instead you blew your whole entire wad."

"I do sports figures, toys. One of the things I have to do is not put all the All-Stars in the first line. Because if I do all the All-Stars in the first line, the next line is less than All-Stars. "

"I think they blow their wad, is what I'm saying. It goes like this, they get a spike, and then, good -- now you've got all the media hype, but you're not going to get the follow-up story for issue #2 and 3 and 4. So you have to get it all in a condensed, tight period of time. You're right, it'll be in every single newspaper in the country, and then it'll be gone."

"And by the time you get to issue 3, you're leaving an opening for Marvel, which is your competitor. And when you're in competition with people, you have to figure out how to dick-block them."

"The successful movies don't make their nut in the opening week, they make it over time. This is one of those ones where you're going to have a big opening, and you're just going to go back to normal in three months."