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SDCC 2011: Green Lantern Panel Provides First Look

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sat, 07/23/2011 - 14:58

The DC Comics Green Lantern Panel just finished up and provided us a first look inside the DC Relaunch of the Green Lantern titles.

Among the highlights:

Sinestro will be going up against the Sinestro Corps and the second arc will delve into the Indigo Tribe, explaining why Sinestro is drawn to the Indigo Lanterns.

Johns also said they will introduce the first ever Lantern, abandoned by the Guardians. “The Guardians, I know they’re jerks, but there will be some resolution there,” laughed Johns.

John told the next fan that the decisions to make Hal ringless and Sinestro a Green Lantern again was an organic process, adding “Don’t count anyone out of Green Lantern because they don’t have a ring.”

Fans will see where Mogo’s ring goes post-death, as well as a Dex-Starr Valentine’s Day special. Johns also revealed they will show more of the world and society of Oa.

Another fan asked about a Larfleeze miniseries, which Berganza and Johns replied there is a possibility of one happening next year.

Info via CBR

Images via Bleeding Cool

Pages from Green Lantern #1, Red Lanterns, New Guardians

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