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SDCC 2011: CM Punch Crashes WWE Panel! (Video)

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Thu, 07/21/2011 - 17:08

picNot exactly "comic" related, but to awesome to pass up.

Update: Check out footage from a front and center angle plus Triple H's rebuttal after Punk left the scene.

Last Sunday saw the WWE hold their "Money In The Bank" PPV with CM Punk defeating John Cena.

Punk's contract was up that day, with Punk stating he was going to win and take the WWE Championship belt with him.

"Chairman of the Board" Mr. McMahon stated if Cena didn't beat Punk, that Cena would be fired.

The next night on RAW, as Mr. McMahon was about to fire Cena, Triple H's music hit. Triple H informed Vince that the board had ruled that Vince was no longer fit for the job, with Triple H to take over.

At today's WWE/Mattel Panel at the San Diego Comic Con, with Triple H, Rey Mysterio and Bret Hart present - CM Punk invaded!

You can check out the video, but CM Punk basically called them out and said if they were looking to crown a new champ, that they should face him - in Chicago!

When Hunter told Punk to give him a call to talk it over, Punk remarked that his wife already had his number.

Thanks to IGN for the Punk pic.