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Scott Snyder Confirms He's On A Superman Man of Steel Comic Book - We Think

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Fri, 09/14/2012 - 23:21


Coming out of the recent Toronto Comic-Con was a rumor that Batman writer Scott Snyder would be on a new Superman Man of Steel comic book with DC Comics co-publisher and superstar artist Jim Lee.

Then a pair of DC Comics executives were asked about the Man of Steel comic book with Scott Snyder attached, to which they didn't deny.

Next saw Jim Lee post an image of Superman (right) on his Facebook, which may be for the new Man of Steel.

In addition, Jim Lee has stepped down from doing Justice League with a new project to be announced at the upcoming New York Comic-Con.

Now, writer Scott Snyder has taken the following picture of himself.

It's currently assumed the new Man of Steel comic book will be released in conjunction with the new Zack Snyder Superman movie of the same name next year, around June 14th.

Worth a mention is that Scott Snyder snapped the pic while attending a Halloween party in Disney World with his family, but we think we know what he's really saying.

Great Scott!