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Save Constantine Petition Aimed At CW, Netflix, Yahoo, USA & El Rey Networks

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Mon, 11/09/2015 - 22:52


Probably my second favorite comic show on TV (behind The Flash) was Constantine, which ended up seeing it's premiere season cut as well as cancelled by NBC.

David Goyer recently commented that he felt it was a mistake to air Constantine on NBC admitting: "In retrospect, I don’t think it should have been on NBC. I think it was the wrong channel, and I’m sure they probably agree with that as well… We almost doubled our numbers in DVR numbers, but they weren’t quite there in network television in counting those metrics. If it had been on a basic cable channel, it could still be on."

I think we all have to agree with Goyer as Constantine, at least in my opinion, would have been a success on the CW, and it's light years better than NBC's Heroes Reborn.

With Matt Ryan recently reprising as Constantine on Arrow (bad news is it's a one and done thing), the #SaveConstantine campaign has kicked up again. A petition has been launched which is targeting the CW, Netflix, Yahoo, USA & El Rey networks asking the to consider airing new episodes. Update: The El Rey Network is currently airing Constantine Season 1 episodes.

The Save Constantine petition currently has over 14,000 signatures with 15,000 needed, so that is less than 100 required to fulfill the petition's obligation.

I've signed it, head on over to to voice your support. The series is too good to let go.

The dark supernatural TV series Constantine originally aired on NBC for one 13 episode season only to be cancelled. This left a very strong and avid fanbase without any network for their show to call home. Constantine needs to be saved by another network to give the fans closure. This situation would be a win for both sides. The network to pick it up will receive a boost in ratings and revenue while the fans will be able to see their beloved show live once more. On November 4th, 2015, it was proved that the Constantine fanbase is still very much alive as evidenced by the reception to the character's appearance on the 5 episode of Arrow's fourth season. We encourage you to sign this petition to show the various networks available to pick this show up that there is in fact interest for the show to live on. The networks we will be targeting are El Rey Network, The CW, Netflix, Yahoo Screen, and the USA network.