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Robert Downey Jr. Teases Spider-Man On Avengers

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Tue, 11/04/2014 - 15:59


With Robert Downey Jr. and Iron Man being a part of the Captain America 3 Civil War movie, fans immediately pointed out that Spider-Man played a big role in the Marvel Comics storyline.

Of course, Sony presently owns the film rights to Spider-Man; however, there has been talk and rumor of Spidey going back to Marvel for quite a while and joining The Avengers.

Now the latest is from Robert Downey Jr. who took to his Facebook page to either have some fun with the fans or tease Spider-Man being in The Avengers.

Downy posted an image of black and white photos set against the NYC background (see below) where one image included Stan Lee with Tobey Maguire from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie.

"Superhero sight seeing," Robert Downey Jr. added.

Recently, when Kevin Feige announced Captain America Civil War, he dodged specific Spider-Man questions and offered that anything that wasn't specifically stated that day was to be considered still a rumor or that they are still working it out.