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Rob Liefeld Kickstarts Brigade & Offers It For Free

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Wed, 05/22/2013 - 21:43


Superstar artist Rob Liefeld is bringing back the classic Image Comics team of Brigade.

The writer/artist has started a Kickstarter offering a lot of cool incentives to get Brigade back in action.

And it looks like it's a sure thing as the Brigade Kickstarter has reached over 90% of its goal with 23 days remaining.

Below you can check out a video of Liefeld talking Brigade, and you can get involved over at Kickstarter where some of the perks include sketch covers, signed and numbered variant editions, original art and lots more.

Last year Top Cow did a similar campaign for Cyber Force.

The amount of available FREE Brigade issues will be based on the results of this kickstarter campaign. The current pledge amount assures that the first two Brigade issues will be available free. Additional issues will be added as funds are appropriated.