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Richard Rider Nova Wins Over NINO For Marvel Heroes 2015

Posted By: Matt McGloin
Sun, 10/05/2014 - 18:50


Long live, Richard Rider!

Though Marvel Comics has replaced the character of Richard Rider Nova, Gazillion Entertainment has announced that the Richard Rider Nova costume will be the default costume for the character in their Marvel Heroes 2015 game.

Gazillion apparently held a poll and let fans decide which Nova costume they prefer, where Richard Rider came on top over his replacement character, NINO (Nova In Name Only).

To confirm, we are pleased to announce the Richard Rider is now the default costume for Nova (as many, but not everyone preferred during our polls).

We are also selling all existing Nova costumes at regular price instead of enhanced price, and eating the cost of the different VFX, voice actors, etc.

Thanks very much. 

Ultimate Pack owners get all the launch costumes for free, of course, so they can build Nova with whoever they choose.

You can purchase the Nova costume at

Richard Rider Nova also happened to be the best-selling action figure from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie line, and he wasn't even featured in the film.