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Review: Revival #1

Posted By: kporter
Wed, 07/11/2012 - 10:08

Revival is the story of a small town in rural Wisconsin where, one day a year, the dead are brought back to life. Officer Cypress is a cop that’s in way over her head as a brutal murder sends the already crazy town into pure insanity.

The resurgence of horror and supernatural comics these past few years has really brought readers new and original stories. On the heels of series like Severed and Rebel Blood, Revival takes a twist on the undead genre with the feeling of a dense mystery novel. After only one issue an entire world of media and mystical frenzy is built around a small community trying to deal with a supernatural problem.

Tim Seeley and Mike Norton have written and drawn an opening story as tight as a pilot for a new one-hour drama TV series. Seeley’s story pacing sets a very good flow, and Norton’s art lays out the narrative in a very dynamic way.

On the whole this series gets a recommendation because it’s trying to do something different. It’s become a trend to try to mimic The Walking Dead model of comic book stories, and though Robert Kirkman does it well, many others don’t. Seeley and Norton are carving their own path and it’s well worth the time to give a try. That is if you like supernatural horror mysteries.