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TV Review: Young Justice: "Usual Suspects"

Posted By: chrisb
Sat, 04/14/2012 - 12:12

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:1403:]]Revelations, secrets and lies abound in this fast paced episode that sets the stage for next weeks blockbuster battle — Young Justice vs. The Justice League!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves! "Usual Suspects" lays all the secrets that the team has been holding — on the table! From Superboy's split DNA, Artemis' diabolical family tree and even Martian Girl's reasons behind working for Queen Bee, everything comes to light and the team is finally whole again!

It was well paced, especially because of all the flashbacks and flash forwards used to explain the tale, and thoroughly enjoyable. Spectacular battles wrap around all the revelations, so the reveals are as exciting as the fights themselves and don't become a "talking head" scenario that we have seen in other mediums. Plus, it is a veritable whose who of villains that challenge our young heroes! Lex Luthor, Queen Bee, Sportsmaster, Blockbuster, the Riddler, Cheshire and everyone's favorite "Bat" villain — Bane, push our heroes to the edge of their abilities! But it is the final reveal that will shock you the most as the Justice League "mole" is exposed and the the Watchtower will never be the same again!  

As good as this episodes writing and execution was, the moment that I appreciated most was the induction of the Justice League's newest members. Finally, Malibu Comics get their just desserts as Icon is inducted along with the Atom, Dr. Fate, Plastic Man and Red Arrow. Ever since DC had acquired the rights to all the Milestone characters, the have been used sparingly at best. A small stint in The Justice League of America book that pitted them against the League, wasn't really deserving of these characters. And now that the Static Shock book has been canceled, it is good to see Icon and Rocket being used in important roles again.  

So check this episode out and prepare yourselves for the biggest battle yet — next week!