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Review: Young Justice: Invasion "Happy New Year"

Posted By: chrisb
Sat, 04/28/2012 - 11:19


Now that the Justice League has been restored to their proper mindset by the combined effort of the Young Justice team and Red Tornado, there are some questions that are in need of answering: "Where is the real Speedy?" and "Just what did the six Leaguers do for the sixteen hours they are unaccounted for?"

Jump five years into the future from last episode! The team is bigger, Robin is now Nightwing but Artemis and Red Arrow are missing! "Where are they, what happened?" 

All that will have to wait, it seems a certain "Main Man" has taken a contract to cause a ruckus on earth. That's right ya Bastich, Lobo is here to take names! But Wonder Girl and Batgirl have a little something to say — with their fists! 

Reminiscent of Men In Black, things aren't always what they seem! Adam Strange is brought in to help explain how to gather up all the aliens, and it is revealed that the six missing Leaguers are considered criminals off world! The teams split up and it's Blue Beetle, Lagon and Tim Drake Robin that take center stage as they come across kidnapped humans and a hive of aliens! The youngsters prove themselves in the eyes of the League and Young Justice, and it all wraps up with the Zeta Team arriving on Rann. To be continued!

This was a great episode, especially since we get to see so many new characters introduced to the show. Yeah, we had to jump five years into the future to do so but at least the storyline runs smoothly from the last episode. Plus, John Stewart takes the reigns for most of the episode and he even mentions the Green Lantern Corps! Awesome! While some questions are answered, there are so many that arise in this episode! So many that I cannot wait until the next episode to see what's in store! This is the best comic related cartoon series on TV today, and you owe it to yourself to check it out!